I have no idea how you found this site, but hi. Welcome to what could be considered part literary sideshow, like a novelty fast food item (looking at you McRib) and part confessional. But a really lewd confessional where the priest is definitely not Catholic & most certainly has his dick out in the booth next to mine as he listens to my stories.

With that out of the way, here’s the warning. Or rather here’s a couple of them. Everything on this site is true, actually happened and has witnesses even if a few of them wouldn’t be caught dead to admitting being present. Everything on this site is meant for adult eyes only so if you’re under 18, fuck off. And the biggest warning of all: if I fuck you, I’m gonna write about it.

If you meet all the requirements I’ve listed so far go ahead and take a peek at what I have to say, pervert.