Sweet As Whole // 2:54 – 3:27

The Almosts seem to be a reoccurring theme lately with my sex life so lets talk about one I didn’t like as much as Mr. Taurus. Or rather, I totally did…if it just wasn’t for one giant personality flaw that spreads & taints literally every other part of him like a oil-slick shadow.

I won’t get into specifics because he sincerely doesn’t deserve a full entry to himself. Average everything, except for maybe personality. Which is also why he won’t get a nickname. He’s here simply to serve as a warning to any hopeful fuck in the pervert gallery reading this right now.

I don’t fuck bigots. I don’t care if you think it’s a joke, I don’t care if you “don’t know any better“, you’re over the age of 21, you really fucking should. I don’t care if you thought it’d be fine because your skin color matches mine or you think my sexuality does. If I even detect a hint of anything that would put you in the same category as a klan member or eugenicist, you and I no longer know each other. You aren’t and never were worth the effort. If you see me out, no you fuckin’ didn’t.

And I sincerely hope if this entry resonates with you, instead of being hateful about it (which we both know is your go-to), maybe try a bit of self reflection instead. Open up that big box in your brain that’s labeled “fears and insecurities” and take a good, long look. Then work on them because being a fuckhead towards people for shit they can’t/shouldn’t have to change is a bad cover for not loving yourself.

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