Can I pay you to ______?

If you’ve already talked to me, the most you can do is pay me to make you custom porn. I’m not a FSSWer, my main domain for being paid in sexual situations is online. If you’re curious about that, get in contact with me through the proper channels & we can discuss what you’d like. Despite my day job, I am not here to sell you anything, least of all myself. There’s a lot of lovely people in town offering those types of services if ya just look around. In short, the only way for me to fuck you is for me to actually WANT to fuck you. I know, huge bummer.

How can I meet up with/fuck you?

– have more personality than sex drive
– while simultaneously matching or outdoing my sex drive
– don’t be a bigoted (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc) fuck face
– have reading comprehension skills and use them on whatever profile you find me on
– understand we don’t really bend our set boundaries and rules for anyone
– be a pretty lady (cis or trans)
– say hi, start a conversation then go from there
– keep my interest long enough to have me invite you out for drinks & groping

How much do you weigh?

I bounce between 145 & 155. No, really.

Does W slut it up too?

Sorta. He prefers above all else at the moment to watch me have fun. He’s always more than welcome to seek out his own people to fuck.

Can I be your boyfriend/girlfriend?

If both of us like you well enough, absolutely!

Who’s YOUR favorite comedian & least favorite serial killer?

Comedian(s): George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor & Bo Burnham.

Serial killer: Ted Bundy. The poster boy for shallow, self-indulged, overly confident fucks.

How often do you write new entries?

Whenever the mood strikes. There’s no schedule or system I use to keep up with this shit regularly. Unfortunately, it only brings me happy brain chemicals to write this blog, not any monetary gain. Ha!

How old is W?


How/why did you start this?

These two (1, 2) entries cover that pretty well.

Is this a cuckolding thing?

No. I’m not 100% sure of the label outside of open relationship, but it’s definitely not a cuckold thing. Anyone insulting/trying to be dominate to W doesn’t get to stick around long…

Are you into the rough stuff?

Yes and no. Depends totally on the person who’s asking to be rough. Generally speaking, if you get the chance to fuck me I’m down with spanking/choking.

How big are you boobs?

34D to 34DD, depends on their fluff factor at the time.

Are you into BDSM?

Yes! Or at least I have a pretty big curiosity about it. I have yet to find anyone I like enough to let tie me up who could properly do it.

What sites/apps do you use?

Feeld, AFF & reddit mainly.

Why haven’t you responded to me on _______?

Any site or app I’ve been active on I get super swarmed with people interested in talking to/meeting up with me. No shade, no ego-brag, pure honesty: the shit is overwhelming & I’m doing my best to keep, I promise.

How long have you made porn?

13 years or so. Started out on cam sites and quickly realized I preferred making clips much, much more.

Can I make porn with you?

– can you take instruction/criticism well while you’re turned on?
– are you able to perform as well as you usually can while being filmed?
– are you able to provide a picture of your ID (both sides) & of you holding it up next to your face?
– are you able to sign a model release form?
– do you understand why I would need you to do either of those thing? If not, Google 2257 record keeping laws.
– have I expressed interest in fucking you?
– do you understand that while I may be able to blur your face in editing, your tattoos/piercings/body might give away who you are & possibly cause you to experience the hate/stigma/shaming attached to doing porn?

If your answer to all of the above is yes then absolutely you can make porn with me.

Do you have fetishes?

Yes. I’ll list them later. And I love to indulge other people in their fetishes if my body/style suits it.

Where can I find your porn?

I try my best to keep my work & play separate, but if you really want to see it I have various tube site profiles I don’t mind sharing with potential future fucks.

So you’d actually have to talk to me to see it unless your Google-Fu abilities are better than the average boomer.

What do the post titles mean?


Check the tags for the artist and boom, the mystery has been solved.

How to get I access to password protected posts?

1. Be my friend. Like, legit, we are friends. You know my middle name and my worse fear type of friends.

2. Be patient. There’s a very good chance at some point, I’ll (at least temporarily) release the password protected things into the wild. Maybe. Most of it’s just…background or musing anyway. I promise, it’s all very boring.

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