Guy What Takes His Time // 1:31 – 2:00

I fully admit we haven’t been “in the lifestyle” very long. But I’d like to think we’ve already experienced the full spectrum of what’s out there on a small-scale. Or I did before we met Mr. Taurus.

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty used to get what I want, when I want it. I’m lucky (and smart) enough to have maintained this level of spoilt/bratdom through out my life. So when someone tells me I can’t do something or have something, all it does it make me dig my heels in. I’ve come to find its something that’s a core personality trait and one that can totally be used against me in rare instances when I *really* want whatever it is I’ve set my sights on.

With that said, in walks an extremely sexy 38 yr old with experience in non-monogamy, a hard-on for/knowledge of horror, video games AND a set of culinary skills that make me look like a little kid playing cook in the kitchen. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized just how much I wanted to keep this one coming back to us.

After talking for a couple of weeks and finding out I actually liked him as a full human being & not just for that sweet, sweet trouser meat, we finally coaxed him out on a date. With one catch: the complete and total understanding that he didn’t want to actually fuck. Just meet up, feel each other out & see if he was interested in going past that. Now, I’m sure some perverts out there are screaming at their screens or smirking to themselves thinking who would pass up an opportunity for free pussy. But hear me out on this…I have very rarely in my life been as turned on as when I left that date.

We met him at my favorite dive bar and started out the evening as naturally & comfortably as I ever remember a date going. Sat down next to him & instantly felt like this was someone I could vibe with on most if not all levels. He properly introduced himself, set his boundaries clear as day and explained a couple of things that had come up in the weeks we’d been talking over text. I did my best not to stumble over my words as I tried to do the same, but my mind kept drifting to the thought of how fun it would be to kiss him.

At some point during the evening I finally just interrupted the flow and asked if I could. Out of all the fun we’ve had in the last couple of months, for not dropping any dick on me, this guy absolutely blew me out of the water with that first kiss and each one after. Shortly after that he got comfortable enough to move in & rest his hand my thigh. Of course my devious little ass kept trying to push it further and further up. He didn’t seem to mind or protest, as we sat there with his pinky, rubbing ever-so-fuckin’-lightly over my pussy through my skin tight shorts. I couldn’t help letting him know with a whisper in his ear just how badly I wanted all of him, right then and there.

A few more kisses and bit of chit-chatting later, we said our goodbyes. I walked out of that place with my pussy one teasing away from soaking through my short-shorts. W & I made it back to our car and had barely closed the doors when we both started pointing out reasons we’d like to meet up with him again that didn’t surround finding out how good he can sling dick. But definitely also that.

We pulled into the driveway, did our normal post-date night routines & met up in the bedroom where I all but sat on his chest & demanded he glove up & finger/fist fuck me in between breaks from me getting face fucked and choked. Three hours of me getting violated in such an amazing way literal tears are streaking down my face, my pussy is throbbing & my throat feels like a Mortal Kombat fighter got ahold of it. I greedily chased one more orgasms & finally felt like I can finally drift off to sleep to dream about the night I actually get Mr. Taurus all to myself behind closed doors.