The Sluttastic Tenets

This is an ever evolving list of rules/tenets we’re trying to stick to in our ENM adventures.

  1. Thou shall not give second chances. If someone fucks up once, they’re bound to fuck up again. Exceptions can be made, but it’s rare.
  2. Thou shall always have condoms. And always use them. If bareback is requested, a test swap happens or we go back to the first two sentences in the rule.
  3. Thou shall not catch feelings. This mostly goes for the people we play with, but also for us.
  4. Thou shall go with your gut feeling. If something seems off, it usually is. Bail out.
  5. Thou shall ALWAYS ask for a dick/face/body pic BEFORE setting a meet up date.
  6. Privacy is God. Discretion our main virtue.
  7. Thou shall always ask if they’re down to film because *I* (Betty) am I true capitalist and would monetize my own mother if it helped pay the bills.